Monday, November 23, 2015

What have I learned this semester?

To begin I learned that the Disney movies I grew up watching are not the original tales that I had believed they were. (Gasp)


I learned Dr. Esa doesn’t know many famous people in pop culture (but we’ll excuse him)

I learned that you can really read into the tales and lots of them relate to sex.


I learned not only where Dr. Esa lives but also that he has 4 chickens (perhaps I’ll send them a letter, just kidding I don’t remember his address…but it’s the thought that counts right?)


I learned how to play protect the president and it was lots of fun.

I learned the old cattle got out excuse only works in high school (I’ll think of something better next time)

I learned Mandy has a twin, I think that’s cool
I still think my friend Casey looks like Tabitha, so maybe Tabitha has a twin too (ooh plot twist) they both have black jackets too. #twinning


I learned blogging is difficult because Microsoft and blogspot don’t use the same format for pictures (that is extremely annoying and such a pain in the butt)

I learned group text can be fun

I also learned group chats can be the worse (like when you are trying to take a nap and you drop your phone under your bed with the volume up and you’re too sleepy to go under your bed and get it so you just kinda lay there and try to ignore the constant buzzing…yes this happened to me)

I learned sitting at the head of the table is strange because you can see everyone

I learned that when Dr.Esa thinks something is funny his voice gets higher as he speaks (seriously guys listen for this because I’ve noticed)

And lastly I learned the semester goes by quick

Friday, November 13, 2015


I’ve selected this cartoon from a cartoonist named Isely. The cartoon takes a comical approach and doesn’t have much to do with the original tale by the Brothers Grimm but it has the comedy aspect in common with the Disney movie, Tangled.  In all 3 the character of Rapunzel has long blonde hair and is locked away in a tower, when a prince comes to climb up her hair. The main difference is that in the Brothers Grimm tale and the Disney movie Rapunzel has long hair from her head. While in this cartoon she has long arm pit hair. In both Tangled and the Brothers Grimm version of Rapunzel the evil sorceress chops off Rapunzel’s hair but in this cartoon it seems as though Rapunzel will be cutting off her own hair because she asked the prince if he brought the razor she asked for. But of course it is still very different from the Brothers Grimm’s Rapunzel and Disney’s tangled because her hair is under arm hair and not the hair that grows from her scalp. This is clearly a social cartoon just because the only purpose it is really serving is a comedic purpose, it has no political references. I think the look on the Prince’s face would suggest that he does not have the razor she asked for. Also I find it strange that she ask him if he has the razor she asked for just because that implies they have spoken before.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bluebeard vs. The Robber Bridedgroom vs. The Fitcher's bird



Bluebeard, the fitcher's bird and the robber bridegroom are all versions of bluebeard.

 All three tales deal with a women marrying or intending to marry a horrible man. All the men are horrible because they are criminals. However not all the men are the same, in bluebeard the man is rich and ugly because he has a bluebeard, in the fitcher's bird the man is a sorcerer and in the robber bridegroom the man is a prince.

 The men also take different approaches in how they wanted to kill their ladies, in the robber bridegroom he wanted to cook and eat the princess, in the fitcher's bird he wants to kill his lady by chopping her into pieces just as he did to her 2 older sisters, and in bluebeard he planned to kill his wife by slitting her throat.

 All the women saved themselves the princess from the robber bridegroom left and went back to tell her father when all the men were sleeping, in the fitcher's bird the woman pretended as if nothing was wrong as she plotted to have him killed and she also brought her 2 sisters back to life, and in blubeard the wife pleaded for her life as she waited to be saved by her brothers.

All tales ended with death but it much different ways. In the robber bridegroom the prince and all his fellow robber were executed, in the fitcher's bird the husband to be and all his wedding guest were burned alive in his house and in bluebeard his wife’s brothers killed him.

Only the fitcher's bird and bluebeard included the secret room with dead bodies and the bewitched blood stains. But still all women faced bad men be it a murderer or a robber they were all bad.

These tales are unique because they involve husbands that are not the kinds women would like to marry, the reader is exposed to the dark sides of these men and instead of the tales ending in marriage they end in murder.

I liked the fitcher’s bird the most because I have 2 sisters, so its more relatable and I loved that she was able to bring her sisters back to life and save the day.