Thursday, September 24, 2015

Disney took the tale Snow White from the brothers Grimm and adapted it to the times and his audience to make his first animated film ever, one which most people believe to be the original. However those people are wrong.

Disney started with the prince meeting Snow White right in the beginning of the movie which is not how the tale goes, the prince actually meets Snow White when she is already dead. So technically he really doesn’t meet her at that point. Snow white is also portrayed much older than seven in the film. I believe Disney did this just so it was more widely accepted that she was getting married. The huntsman ordered to kill little Snow White was demanded to bring back just her heart unlike the tale that ask for her lungs and liver that the queen then plans to eat. Obviously the queen eating her own daughter’s organs is way too graphic for children so that’s why Disney changed that. Disney went on to give the queen magical powers unlike the tale where she just plots master mind plans to deceive Snow White. The queen attempted to kill her daughter once in the film but in the tale she killed her 3 separate times. And of course in the film Snow White comes back to life from the prince’s kiss whereas in the tale the prince’s servants trip causing the apple to become expelled from her throat. Disney also had the queen die from accidently falling from a cliff instead of Snow White and the prince ordering her to dance until she died just because it makes their characters more innocent. The most crucial change Disney made to the tale were the seven dwarves not only did he give the names but also personalities and a larger role in the story. This change made the movie more enjoyable and humorous and definitely more kid friendly.

Now for some similarities, there were very few major ones. Disney kept the seven dwarves and that they were miners he also kept that Snow White died from eating a poisoned apple and he also kept the glass coffin and he kept how naive Snow White was but other than that he strayed quite far from the original tale.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

While magic helped Cinderella achieve riches and success I don’t believe it’s realistic to count on magic to go from rags to riches however marriage is a whole different story.

Marriage in America guarantees a lot of benefits such as:

·         Citizenship to the united states of America

·      Lower state and federal taxes

·         Lower car insurance

·         Lower home owner insurance

·         Receive partners benefits for example health insurance

·         Easier to get loans

·         A beautiful ring (sometimes)

·         More socially acceptable

And while Cinderella’s story ended happily ever after that’s not the realistic situation for everyone. So I must say that with marriage sometimes comes divorce but don’t fret just yet because divorce can bring greater benefits then the marriage. For example without a prenuptial agreement the spouses will have to split everything they own equally among themselves. Therefore if you weren’t the bread winner you can still get your hands on their money.

If I still haven’t convinced you that marriage brings success and riches let me just say 2 words, GOLD DIGGER that’s right there are people out there ready to marry you just for your lavish lifestyle because they know what success and richness they can gain just from tying the knot with you.  

As much as I would love to say success can be reached with magic it can’t. The only way to become wealthy and successful is to either work for it and earn it all by yourself or find someone who has already put in the work and get hitched.
just in case you forgot Kim Kardashian was married to Kris Humphries for a few days.
They then divorced

Both received major publicity which helped their careers. Especially Kris because most people didn't even know who he was.
Magic didn't bring them together but their marriage made them a very powerful, wealthy couple.

Friday, September 11, 2015




·         Their father was a woodcutter

·         Their mother didn’t like them

·         Hansel tricked the witch to believe he was skinny by using a bone

·         Their family was poor

·         Hansel and Gretel love each other


·         In the book the mother forced the father to send the kids into the woods but in the movie she did it out of anger when the kids messed up

·         In the book the parents make a fire in the woods when they leave behind the children but in the movie Hansel makes a fire using the striking rocks that a local man gave to him

·         Hansel never looked back at the house in the movie to see the animals that he saw in the book

·         Their mother died in the book

·         They were taking into the woods by their parents in the book but in the movie they were sent to pick berries

·         In the movie Gretel wakes up in the middle of the night and figures out the old lady is a witch but in the book they just wake up to find Hansel in the cage, then they realize she’s a witch

·         The father gets the children home in the end of the movie but in the book the children find their way home all by themselves

·         Hansel and Gretel save other children that were lost in north woods in the movie but in the book there’s no other children

I think directors made so many changes to the story in order to make the movie longer and to make the mother seem like less of the villain.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


A fairytale is a short story composed of magic and imagination. The story will generally begin with “Once upon a time” and end with “they lived happily ever after” and everything between contains a ton of wondrous magic.

Here are some signs you may be dealing with a fairytale:

·         If it couldn’t happen in real life (unrealistic)

·         If there’s an extreme contrast between good and evil

·         If it displays timelessness

·         If there are no detailed descriptions

·         If there’s only one story line

·         If there’s Isolation of the hero character

·         If there’s repetition of the motif

·         If there’s a major plot/ lots of action

If the story you’re reading contains any of the above you are most likely dealing with a fairytale.

Here are some signs of what a fairytale is not:

·         If it involves Gods

·         If there’s any acknowledgement of time

·         If it contains a miracle

Using sleeping beauty as an example I will go show how I proved it’s a fairytale.

·         It begins with a crab telling sleeping beauty’s mother she will be having a baby girl.

o   Hold the crazy train animals can’t talk

·         The story concludes with “they lived happily to the end of their days”

o   Peachy isn’t it

·         If it still is unclear whether this is a fairytale let’s think of the isolation sleeping beauty experiences when she sleeps for 100 years, she’s also an only child

o   That’s quite a long time all alone

Sleeping beauty is without question a fairytale and I figured it out by only asking myself 3 questions.