Saturday, August 29, 2015

From the Brothers Grimm to Walt Disney doesn’t sound like your everyday first year seminar. When I found out I had to take a survey to choose a first year seminar I already had my preconceptions of what we might learn from my experience in a freshman seminar class in high school. It was lots of boring information so when I saw all the options McDaniel offered I thought wow most of these topics interest me. Then I saw the Disney seminar and decided I wanted to be in this seminar. So much that I went back on my survey and rated everything else extremely low and gave the Grimm to Disney my highest vote. Fortunately for me I did end up getting this seminar. YAY!

            In this seminar I’m hoping to become friends with everyone I know we are here for our education but college is also a time to grow as a person and I’m hoping to branch away from my shy tendencies. Aside from personal growth I’m excited to learn the original stories and more about the culture from which they stem.

            My favorite fairy tale by far is Cinderella. That was my go to movie when I was younger and then I grew up and learned the original story and thought it was funny that the step sisters cut their feet in order to get into the glass slipper. I can relate to having large feet. I also connected to the story because I have 2 sisters (mine aren’t mean though) and let’s not forget about the mice I LOVE them.

Monday, August 24, 2015

My peer mentor, Mandy made this nametag for my door and I love it.