Thursday, October 29, 2015

“Little Red Riding Hood” cartoon

Little red riding hood is clearly the theme of this cartoon because it shows a little girl dressed in red and of course the wolf but the little girl refers to him as a “doggy”. I have chosen this simple cartoon by Lilaune R.  I believe this cartoon to be social and not political because I do not think it displays any political reference, however I can see the social reference. I believe her cartoon is demonstrating what it would be like if the roles were switched between the two characters. Therefore the wolf is the innocent victim and Little Red Riding Hood is the dangerous predator. It is not to the extreme as the Brothers Grimm took the danger because she just loves the dog so much that she is smothering him with affection. But the point is still made that the dog is unhappy with the situation and is in need of help. This cartoon speaks socially to prove that men are not always the bad guys instead yes it can be women who are predators. I feel this cartoon breaks the gender norms we normally would apply to society.

I like this cartoon just because I think it is cute. It reminds me of the way I acted when I was younger and met a new animal. I also like this because as I said before it portrays a women as a predator which can very well be the case. Not all criminals/rapist are men and it is important for people to understand that.

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