Thursday, September 24, 2015

Disney took the tale Snow White from the brothers Grimm and adapted it to the times and his audience to make his first animated film ever, one which most people believe to be the original. However those people are wrong.

Disney started with the prince meeting Snow White right in the beginning of the movie which is not how the tale goes, the prince actually meets Snow White when she is already dead. So technically he really doesn’t meet her at that point. Snow white is also portrayed much older than seven in the film. I believe Disney did this just so it was more widely accepted that she was getting married. The huntsman ordered to kill little Snow White was demanded to bring back just her heart unlike the tale that ask for her lungs and liver that the queen then plans to eat. Obviously the queen eating her own daughter’s organs is way too graphic for children so that’s why Disney changed that. Disney went on to give the queen magical powers unlike the tale where she just plots master mind plans to deceive Snow White. The queen attempted to kill her daughter once in the film but in the tale she killed her 3 separate times. And of course in the film Snow White comes back to life from the prince’s kiss whereas in the tale the prince’s servants trip causing the apple to become expelled from her throat. Disney also had the queen die from accidently falling from a cliff instead of Snow White and the prince ordering her to dance until she died just because it makes their characters more innocent. The most crucial change Disney made to the tale were the seven dwarves not only did he give the names but also personalities and a larger role in the story. This change made the movie more enjoyable and humorous and definitely more kid friendly.

Now for some similarities, there were very few major ones. Disney kept the seven dwarves and that they were miners he also kept that Snow White died from eating a poisoned apple and he also kept the glass coffin and he kept how naive Snow White was but other than that he strayed quite far from the original tale.

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